CHANDIGARH-43 to RAJGARH Bus Timetable


CHANDIGARH-43 to RAJGARH Bus Timetable

PRTC Roadways Buses from CHANDIGARH-43 to RAJGARH

Last Bus from CHANDIGARH-43 to RAJGARH

First Bus from CHANDIGARH-43 to RAJGARH

PRTC operates its buses from Chandigarh-43 to Rajgarh as per schedule given below-

Sr. No 

Departure Time 



Bus Type 

12.48 hrs

Chandigarh-43 to Rajgarh


PRTC Ordinary






Passengers are advised to confirm the latest timetable from bus stand enquiry before leaving
Bus Stand Enquiry No.-

Updated on 15.06.2022

Source- PRTC App 

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